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For surveyors, takes professional quality and efficiency to a whole new level. We help you get it right the first time because we know you don’t have time for do-overs!

Helps Surveyors

  • Save Time
    • Say goodbye to public records requests and waiting.
    • Grab the ROS, CPFs, and plats you need all in one place - anywhere, anytime.
    • Explore topography and terrain using Google Earth™ imagery, allowing you to see the big picture and reduce drive time and site visits.
    • Avoid obstacles by viewing properties and important data online prior to site visits.
  • Become More Efficient
    • Start your surveys by generating a neatly organized, custom Property Info Book in one click that includes necessary data and documents.
    • Create Vicinity Maps with detailed line work in seconds.
    • Better plan your work, travel, and equipment by virtually walking the site.
    • Upload notes and photos from the field so they're always available online.
  • Outsmart Competition
    • Be an expert in your market - know what work is going on in your area and who the players are.
    • Handle schedule changes without missing a beat by sharing ROS, CPFs, plats and maps with field personnel anywhere, anytime.
    • Stay informed of land development events through our Newsletter, development updates, and custom News feed.
Save Time
Become More Efficient
Outsmart Competition
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Our Data

Our database includes extensive data for many of Idaho's counties and parcel data for all 44 counties.

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Hear From Your Peers

landproDATA is well worth the money. I save the cost of my subscription in gas money and less wait time.
– Chris, Surveyor
landproDATA is awesome! I was able to get the latest FEMA data I needed, see the date it was last updated, and didn’t have to visit several websites looking for it. landproDATA has up-to-date info all in one place and saves me a lot of time.
– Nathan, Surveyor
landproDATA was the missing piece of our research process.
– Shane, Surveyor
The need for accurate records and documents are a necessity for daily business - landproDATA provides this, all current and correct.
– Fritz, Surveyor
To all my fellow professionals out there, landproDATA will help your business through savings in both time and money. It gives you the means to give more accurate proposals, perform research for boundary surveys, and prepare elevation certificates - all in one program!
– Richard, Surveyor
This product pays for itself many times over.
– Patrick, Surveyor
I have been using landproDATA for 6 years, and I have to say it’s transformed the way we do business. Access to up-to-date land data I need, when I need it, allows me to make fast decisions, save time, plan work, and ultimately become more competitive in today’s fast paced industry. Our company is using landproDATA for most of our project research needs and the customer service landproDATA provides is over the top.
– Tom, Surveyor