Developed by a land pro for land pros, our data-driven mapping tool gives you the comprehensive, accurate GIS data and visuals you need to be the best . . . in the office or out in the field.

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"Before landproDATA, it wasn't easy to find information on new subdivisions. I can prospect new business like never before. The plat maps also help us plan street light installation jobs."

Steven, Contractor (Electric)

"landproDATA has been a huge help to our business in finding property information that is compiled all together in a printed report. This is a great time saver for our company and well worth the investment."

Deborah, Commercial Realtor

"I highly recommend landproDATA! I can easily look at our portfolio of 80+ properties and review them from different angles - aerial, assessor's data, zoning, etc. Truly a one-stop-shop for property data."

Mandana, Property Manager

"The staff have been amazing at answering any question I have! This is an amazing product! The tools and overlay options have been very beneficial to my business - my clients are always amazed with the data I'm able to collect on a parcel."

Hannah, Realtor

"After utilizing other services for years, we have finally found one that provides current and correct data and accommodates multiple professional disciplines."

Fritz, Engineer

"The interactive map is very appealing in client meetings. I appreciate the ease and speed of being able to look at a client's property and opportunities around them."

Devin, Commercial Realtor

"I rely on landproDATA for quick access to relevant information on a weekly, if not daily, basis."

Matthew, Developer

"landproDATA is my go-to first stop. I get all the information I need and don't have to go search a variety of locations."

Tamara, Planner

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