A successful build starts with a solid foundation of information. landproDATA helps you lay the groundwork before hitting the ground.

Research Quicker

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    Reduce site visits and save time by pulling complete parcel data in one place, including parcel numbers, vacant lots, building permits, plat documents, nearby applications and developments, adjacent property information, zoning, etc.

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    Utilize aerial imagery and maps with Google Earth™ integration to view properties from your computer.

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    Get a quick snapshot of zoning, obstacles, surrounding developments, boundaries, etc.

Save Time
Visualize GIS Data

Visualize the Big Picture

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    See projects via Google Earth™ and aerial imagery, topped with layers of parcel data that let you explore the full context of the property.

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    Visually walk, measure and assess opportunities and obstacles from your office.

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    Easily assemble presentation materials that help clients see the big picture.

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    Prepare buildout plan for each subdivision using Vacant Lot Inventory tracking.

Lead the Market

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    Identify and determine desirability of future projects by viewing applications and developments in specific areas.

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    View the who, what, and where of each new development.

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    Get alerted to ownership changes, building permits and other development news using your Watchlist.

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    Understand market conditions by reviewing data and historical imagery to track property and urban growth trends.

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    Identify existing relationships and opportunities for new connections with other land development professionals.

Property Data

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"I rely on landproDATA for quick access to relevant information on a weekly, if not daily, basis."

Matthew, Developer

"Everything on landproDATA is relevant to the work we do as developers. I use it on a daily basis and can't think of anything on there that I DON'T use."

Laren, Planner

"landproDATA consolidates all the public data we need into one place. It's a vital tool to get reliable information quickly."

Patrick, Developer