Helps Contractors & Subcontractors

  • Better, Faster Bids
    • Access all the parcel data and property info you need in one place – anywhere, anytime.
    • Generate a complete Parcel Information Book from your office to help create estimates quicker.
    • Utilize aerial maps to measure and calculate project costs and materials.
    • Enhance bids, plans, and presentations with maps and comprehensive data that provide context and clarity.
  • Improve Work Efficiency
    • Print HOA common areas for work crews.
    • Utilize simple tools to view plat maps, nearest intersection, adjacent properties, entry roads, and more.
    • Reduce number of site visits by measuring areas (buildings, vegetation, parcels, roofing, backyards, etc.) through our maps feature instead of on foot.
    • Identify obstacles such as access gates, landscaping, fences, and adjacent property restrictions to determine equipment needs prior to site visit.
  • See Growth Opportunities
    • Get alerted to ownership change data, as well as commercial and residential developments submissions.
    • Review building permits anywhere, anytime to gain a competitive edge.
    • Research and prospect business opportunities and identify direct points-of-contact.
    • Get more jobs! Reach potential clients directly by pulling targeted mailing lists using specific and searchable property features data.
Faster Bids
Improve Work Efficiency
See Growth Opportunities
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Our Data

Our database includes extensive data for many of Idaho's counties and parcel data for all 44 counties.

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Hear From Your Peers

We had a custom landproDATA user interface that was built specially for us. With the parcel maps and our custom irrigation layer, we can view and add our own data and have a clear picture of our whole business.
– Hawk, Contractor (Sprinklers, Irrigation)
No more walking sites with a wheel - landproDATA saves me hours of measuring by giving me all the information I need in one place. I depend on it!
– Stephanie, Contractor (Lawn Maintenance)
Before landproDATA, it wasn't easy to find information on new subdivisions. I can prospect new business like never before. The plat maps also help us plan street light installation jobs.
– Steven, Contractor (Electric)