What is ?

A GIS (Geographical Information System) web tool that provides land development professionals the ability to search, access, and see data on an interactive, customizable map interface.

How does work?

With a subscription to , you have access to information you need anytime, from anywhere. All subscription levels include unlimited usage for each subscribed user. We do all the work to update data when it’s available so you always have access to the latest information in a visual format that helps get your job done. Read more about our features/.

Do I have to pay to try it out?

At , we believe in the power of a test drive. In fact, we offer every customer a 14-day, no card, no-commitment free trial period, during which we provide comprehensive orientation assistance to help you and your employees become devoted, confident users.

What benefits does provide to my company?

Our database tracks everything available about land in your market before breaking ground to the completion of a subdivision tract, and everything thereafter. Combined with cutting-edge map features, regularly updated resources, and reliable document access, our website is a one-stop solution. Dig deeper into how benefits your specific industry.

What does do best?

Track land development from bare ground to completed, occupied residence or business.

What information does help me access?

  • Property ownership
  • Property square feet
  • Sewer, water, fire, school, irrigation districts
  • Mailing lists for public meeting announcements
  • Subdivision information
  • Plat documents
  • Records of Survey and CPFs information
  • City limits
  • Zoning & boundaries
  • Areas of impact
  • Flood plains/floodways
  • City comprehensive plans
  • Aerial photos
  • Nearby vacant lots
  • Location of wells and dairies
  • Soil types
  • Ditch and creek names
  • Zip codes
  • Voting precincts
  • Recent annexations
  • Building permits
  • Assessor property values
  • Road right-of-ways
  • Traffic counts
  • Future interchanges
  • Read more about our features.

What professions use ?

This is a must-have tool when developing land, building subdivisions and commercial/residential buildings, buying or selling real estate, and when supporting any firm or individual in these fields:

What are key features?

The best (and easiest) feature is the ability to quickly look up a parcel based on simple info (address, name, sub) and have all the details (parcel data, aerial map, plat, etc.) at your fingertips in one click. Additionally, you will be able to access:

  • Your own customizable dashboard, pre-loaded with information specific to you and your projects
  • Parcel data, aerial views, plat documents
  • GIS map that gives you a big picture view with over 100 data layers.
  • Information about what’s happening nearby and in your markets.
  • And more

What’s included in your Newsletter?

The Newsletter keeps you informed on the happenings around your area of interest including project updates, plat submittals, and competitor work tracking. It also includes the best data for vacant lots, inventory, and industry trends, as well as tools and tips.

What does a subscription cost?

Whether you’re a team of one or looking for a multi-user solution, we have three tiers of subscription level to fit your needs and your budget. Our customizable company plans provide additional resources that help you manage your business at a discounted rate-per-user. Learn more about subscription levels and pricing.

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