Your partners at understand the complexity of architecture firms. Be it principals, researchers, designers, or project managers, our land data solution is built to support every person on your team.

Helps Architects

  • Improve Efficiency
    • Speed up your proposal process by pulling a detailed Parcel Information Book in seconds.
    • Save time by accessing all info needed for design in one place, including parcel data, plat documents, zoning (commercial vs residential), flood plain, irrigation districts, lot sizes and dimensions, comprehensive plans, accessibility requirements, and more.
    • Use our Mark-ups and Company Projects features to track and share progress with team directly on the site.
  • Visualize Projects
    • See projects via Google Earth™ and aerial imagery, topped with layers of GIS data.
    • Quickly access plat documents and maps to view lot dimensions, boundaries, surrounding areas, and other features.
    • Upload your GIS data and overlay your own plans onto maps.
    • Help clients visualize plans with stunning presentations featuring up-to-date imagery.
  • Strategize Growth
    • Understand market trends, growth patterns, and competitors’ activity.
    • Review property changes and progress with parcel history data coupled with Google Earth™ imagery.
    • Access relevant data from various municipalities and jurisdictions to make informed, strategic decisions.
    • Better showcase your work in proposals with exported dynamic aerial property views.
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Our Data

Our database includes extensive data for many of Idaho's counties and parcel data for all 44 counties.

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Hear From Your Peers

"With landproDATA, I get most of the data I need quickly, as the data is up-to-date and I don't have to find it on several different websites. It's also nice see the information visually overlying on the aerial map."

Dave, Landscape Architect

"We're a land planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture firm so we do a lot of research on properties. I'm able to get to all the information I need pretty simply."

Doug, Landscape Architect