gives you an advantage over your competition through easy access to comprehensive, accurate GIS data in one place and the ability to visualize what's happening in your market.

Visualize the projects
you're working on and the markets you work in.

Layers of Comprehensive GIS Data

Regardless of your role in the industry, you need land data and records to be successful. Easily access it all in one place, layer it on maps to visualize your projects, and export with the click of a button. You can upload your own and pull from our extensive, up-to-date database that includes:

  • Property ownership
  • Property square feet
  • Sewer, water, fire, school, irrigation districts
  • Mailing lists for public meeting announcements
  • Subdivision information
  • Plat documents
  • Records of Survey and CPFs information
  • City limits
  • Zoning & boundaries
  • Areas of impact
  • Flood plains/floodways
  • City comprehensive plans
  • Aerial photos
  • Nearby vacant lots
  • Location of wells and dairies
  • Soil types
  • Ditch and creek names
  • Zip codes
  • Voting precincts
  • Recent annexations
  • Building permits
  • Assessor property values
  • Road right-of-ways
  • Traffic counts
  • Future interchanges

Customizable Dashboard

  • Select the data you want to be front-and-center when you log in.
  • Add custom points, lines, and polygons to your map with the Private Layer tool.
  • Customize your Watchlist to be the first to know of developments and changes on and around your properties of interest.
  • Quickly access your active and past projects, as well as comprehensive parcel data right from your dashboard.

Reports, Docs, and Data Exports

  • Quickly create and export detailed parcel reports and impressive, customized maps for you and your clients.
  • View or export plats, ROS & CPF documents, and create custom Property Information Reports with all the data you need in seconds.
  • Generate mailing lists for specific parcels or adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Gather the latest parcels, plats, surveys, vacant lots, and building permits reports.
  • Share data and track projects with your team and other colleagues.

Visual Maps

  • Virtually "walk" sites to measure and evaluate subdivisions, common areas, parcels, boundaries, plats, and more to estimate and plan from your computer.
  • Overlay the data you want to "see" on Google Earth™ and aerial map images for a complete picture of the property.
  • Use simple mapping tools to highlight, label, and bookmark data layers.
  • Visualize surrounding areas by incorporating layers of boundaries, waterways, ditches, zoning, and access points data.
  • Upload your own GIS data to include on maps.
  • Have your own custom layers and tools developed by to best meet the unique needs of your business.

Market Research

  • Grow your business by being the expert on land happenings in your area.
  • Analyze market growth, trends, and the players involved with access to development data, documents, and news alerts.
  • Determine property desirability and potential by reviewing layers of GIS and market data.
  • Access tools, reports, and news to analyze competition, growth, trends, and who’s involved.
  • Understand your competition - track who’s who in land development, who’s doing the work, and where.