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Realtors & Brokers

A booming market brings business growth... and increased competition. Gain an information advantage with and exceed clients’ expectations.

Helps Commercial
Realtors & Brokers

  • Research Faster
    • Perform robust data searches for the land info you need – anywhere, anytime.
    • Gather ownership info, comprehensive parcel reports, assessments, building permits and more with the push of a button.
    • Use the Vacant Lots map layer to find commercial properties for clients quickly.
    • Provide detailed reports with supporting maps for clients looking for properties with specific characteristics (e.g. 4-plexes, hospitals, mini storage units, and warehouses).
    • Create custom Property Info Books in seconds with the data you need.
    • See plans for adjacent properties, parcels designated for office space, schools, etc.
  • Close the Deal
    • Create the most accurate, comprehensive proposals in the market.
    • Enhance presentation materials with more context, answers, and supporting plat documents and research reports.
    • Incorporate custom Google Earth™ and aerial views, maps, and data layers to show all factors that support property valuation.
    • Spend less time gathering data and more time closing the deal.
  • Read the Market
    • View applications and developments in specific areas to determine desirability.
    • Get alerted to ownership changes and new developments as submitted using the Watchlist.
    • View the who, what, and where of each new development to understand existing relationships and opportunities for new connections.
    • Understand market conditions by reviewing comprehensive data and historical imagery to discover property and urban growth trends.
Research Faster
Close the Deal
Read the Market
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Our Data

Our database includes extensive data for many of Idaho's counties and parcel data for all 44 counties.

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Hear From Your Peers

I use landproDATA all the time. What's really nice is being able to filter the specific needs of my clients and within seconds find all the properties that meet those specifications. From there, I can zone in to certain geographical areas looking at infill, zoning, and ownership information.
– Devin, Commercial Realtor
The interactive map is very appealing in client meetings. I appreciate the ease and speed of being able to look at a client's property and opportunities around them.
– Devin, Commercial Realtor
After 13 years in commercial real estate with Colliers, I don't know the business without landproDATA.
– Jake, Commercial Realtor
landproDATA has been a huge help to our business in finding property information that is compiled all together in a printed report. This is a great time saver for our company and well worth the investment.
– Deborah, Commercial Realtor
We are always impressed with landproDATA's excellent customer service.
– Angie, Commercial Realtor