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HOAs & Property Managers

The business of HOA and property management is all about time management. As helps you reduce time spent on critical tasks, allowing you to increase the impact of your marketing and communication efforts.

Helps HOAs & Property Managers

  • Save Time
    • Grab subdivision info you need, like plats, zoning, irrigation, and building codes, all in one place.
    • Find ownership information, parcel reports, assessments, tax history, and building permits.
    • Avoid obstacles by viewing properties and important data online prior to site visits.
    • Stay organized by uploading your own data and documents, e.g. subcontractor visits, directly to a specific property.
    • As you’re visiting properties, save correspondence, photos, and site visit notes on the location/map where they belong.
  • Visualize Properties
    • Utilize Google Earth™ and aerial imagery to view plat maps, nearest intersections, adjacent properties, entry roads, and more.
    • Make complete measurements of buildings, vegetation, common areas, undeveloped parcels, roofing, parking lots, back yards, etc.
    • Visualize new developments, problem areas, landscape needs, and maintenance.
    • Get more accurate quotes for maintenance work by sending aerial pictures, complete with approximate measurements/obstacles.
  • Enhance Marketing & Communications
    • Obtain neighborhood mailing lists for distribution of subdivision news and events.
    • Create address lists for adjacent neighborhoods.
    • Know when properties change owners and send “welcome” communications quicker and earlier.
    • Incorporate custom map images and information in your plans and presentations, providing context and clarity.
    • Review building permits and future developments to identify business opportunities and directly target marketing efforts.
Save Time
Visualize Properties
Enhance Marketing and Communications
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Our database includes extensive data for many of Idaho's counties and parcel data for all 44 counties.

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I highly recommend landproDATA! I can easily look at our portfolio of 80+ properties and review them from different angles - aerial, assessor's data, zoning, etc. Truly a one-stop-shop for property data.
– Mandana, Property Manager