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Company Project Management

All plan users have access to Company Project information for better project tracking and management. Users within your company can add News, as well as tag users and email information on the site. Manage Company Projects to update, add, or delete projects easily.

Company Layers

Create new Company Layers from a variety of sources. will add your mapped data and documents to landproDATA.com for easy retrieval. This includes setting up your Company Data on our maps so you can overlay our data layers with your information.

Company Layer Tools

Company and Private Layer tools give you the control to:
  • Create new layers with custom data fields.
  • Edit and customize your Company Layers, including field definitions, feature colors, and labels.
  • Add new features using Copy Parcel or drawing tools.
  • Download your features with data for archiving or offline editing.
  • Download your features to KMZ for easy display in Google Earth.
  • Company Layers are searchable, shareable, and reportable.

My Company Related Data

scans public data and connects current events related to your company and displays the information on your Dashboard and Map.

Professional Branded Reports

A Company Plan allows your team to produce professional, branded PDF reports for presentations. This includes KMZ files, Excel spreadsheets of your projects, the professional PDF’s or related items related to your projects.

Discounted User Rates

The more users added to your plan, the more you save on individual user fees. You can easily manage your company users and levels on our Company Manage Account Page.


Our Training Team offers company or individual training to manage company projects and layers, review and share news, set up personal Watchlist, and create reports.

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