Determining accurate appraisals of land value is, in a word, invaluable. It requires unbiased integrity and a solution like landproDATA to provide access to the most comprehensive, accurate data in the market.

Simplify Data Gathering

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    Save time by gathering comprehensive parcel data, including zoning, new developments, and assessments all in one place – anywhere, anytime.

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    Compile from various municipalities and jurisdictions at the same time.

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    Generate a neatly organized, custom Property Info Book in one click that contains the data you need to start an appraisal without leaving your office.

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    Use our Search Comps tool to compare all properties with similar characteristics and owner changes, all within specific radiuses and timeframes.

Grow your Business
Visualize GIS Data

Visualize Parcels

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    Initiate inspection, measurements, and needs assessments remotely.

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    Compare current and historical Google Earth™ imagery for comparative analysis.

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    View surrounding areas with the data layers you need, such as property boundaries, waterways, ditches, zoning, and access points.

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    Utilize aerial imagery to view terrain and plan for the equipment and resources needed.

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    Rely on our data and maps to view new developments, surrounding areas, and other property features that affect valuation.

Prospect Opportunities

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    Access the latest news on upcoming subdivisions, developments, and marketing trends.

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    Get alerted to ownership change data, as well as the latest commercial and residential developments submitted.

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    Identify existing relationships and opportunities for new connections with other land development professionals.

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"I need accurate info on zoning, assessments, ownership changes, and record of survey. landproDATA pulls it all in one place - that's convenience."

Jeff, Appraiser

"landproDATA is our go-to! We use it daily."

Brad, Appraiser

"We could go to every municipality or county office to gather property information, but this has it all. A true time saver, and the graphics are exceptional!"

Robin, Appraiser