Our History

David Bailey

Over 10 years ago, an Idaho-based engineer saw a need and created a solution. David Bailey’s 20 years of experience told him that he and his colleagues needed a better, more efficient, way to gather the critical data needed to buy, sell, and develop land. Combining his expertise in the land development industry with the intuitive skills of some top software developers, Bailey launched to his peers in the Boise, Idaho metro area. A booming western U.S. market, the Boise market jumped on board. Engineering firms, development companies, and real estate agencies of all sizes now incorporate in their daily work.

We’re a trusted partner for land development professionals because we get it. We know that access to digital data is a must-have, and we strive to provide that access to our customers every day. We evolve with the tech world we live in and are positioned to be a useful resource in hundreds of growth markets across the country.

The values was built upon are still the blueprint of our business today.