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"I am very satisfied with the value I receive from landproDATA. I’ve been in the business a long time, so it’s nice to see a program come along that makes my job easier."

Curtis Ellis, Silvercreek Commercial & Investments LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

landproDATA is a GIS website for land development professionals in Ada & Canyon counties, with additional data for the entire State of Idaho.

Questions that this FAQ will answer:

What is a GIS Website?

GIS: Geographic Information System

GIS allows users to view, search, interpret, and understand data in an intuitive map interface. As one example, we combine information such as Property Value, Zoning, and Acres along with geographic Parcel Boundaries to visualize county information and reveal trends in current land development.

Ada County GIS Land Data

landproDATA acquires and organizes an assortment of data resources such as Parcels, Plats & Subdivisions, Building Permits, Corner Filing Permits, Records of Survey, City Zoning, Waterways & Flood Plains, Road Centerlines, Townships, Taxing Districts, Highway Analysis, Bureau of Land Management Data, and more, along with all available recorded documents associated with this data. This delivers a single, multi-layered map resource that assists all Land Development Professionals in their work.

Who are Land Development Professionals?

Land Development Professionals: Industry professionals who deal with sales, management, or improvement of land. These include:

  • Appraisers
  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Builders
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Insurers
  • Investors
  • Lenders
  • Property Managers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Surveyors
  • Homeowner Associations

How does landproDATA help me do my job?

By consolidating numerous up-to-date land data resources into a single map with recent satellite images, landproDATA offers users quick and reliable access to a wide array of information regarding land development. In addition to powerful search tools accessible via a common internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari), our maps boasts a number of useful functions such as phone or tablet 'Quick Search' functions, Google Earth™ coordinates output, PDF and DWF generation, Buffer and Measure tools, Redline markup options, and descriptive reports for any data selection.

Whether you are a Surveyor preparing records for undeveloped land or a Real Estate Agent assessing current market conditions, our database tracks everything available about Ada and Canyon Counties from before breaking ground to the completion of a subdivision tract, and everything thereafter. Combined with regularly updated resources and reliable document access, our website is a one-stop solution for Land Development Professionals in Ada and Canyon counties.

How do I use landproDATA?

landproDATA is a tool to help you properly research from anywhere you can access the internet.

Because our GIS maps contain a vast array of sensitive data, all users must register for approved access, pending agreement to terms of use.

Once approved, new users are invited to explore the many tools of our website during a 5-day Free Trial period. After the trial, full access can be obtained on a daily, monthly, or 1-year basis by ordering the desired subscription length as needed.

There are currently two levels of access, Professional and Basic. Professional access boasts robust search features, complete data and records access, a Mobile Quick Search tool for faster lookups and mobile devices, up-to-date satellite imagery, and numerous useful mapping tools on the web browser map interface. Basic access has limited data and reduced mapping tools, but allows upgrading to Professional access on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis as needed.

What questions will landproDATA answer?

The resources provided by landproDATA offer unique solutions to each land development professional depending on his or her needs. Some common questions that our users seek answers to are listed below:

  • WHO OWNS that property? HOW MANY SQUARE FEET is the house on the property?
  • WHAT SEWER, WATER, FIRE, SCHOOL, or IRRIGATION DISTRICT is a property located in?
  • WHERE can I get a MAILING LIST of the owners WITHIN 300 FEET of a specified property?
  • WHAT SUBDIVISION is that and is there a PRELIMINARY PLAT on the property next to it?
  • WHERE can I get a copy of any RECORDED PLAT, RECORD of SURVEY, or CP&F for Ada & Canyon Counties?
  • WHERE can I locate the boundaries for the CITY LIMITS, ZONING or the AREA of IMPACT?
  • WHERE can I learn about the FLOOD PLAIN or the FLOODWAY and what is the PANEL NUMBER?
  • WHAT does the CITY COMPREHENSIVE PLAN say about this property?
  • WHERE can I get an AERIAL PHOTO of an area in Ada and Canyon County?
  • WHERE are the VACANT LOTS in this area? Who OWNS them?
  • WHERE are the WELLS and DAIRIES located?
  • WHAT TYPE of SOIL is on the property?
  • WHAT is the NAME of that DITCH or CREEK?

How much does landproDATA cost?

For details about our subscription prices for individuals or company packages, refer to our Pricing page.