User Credits

The following enhanced value tools are available on a cost-per-use basis and draw from your bank of User Credits.

0-100 Create a One-Click Parcel PDF Report. Cost varies according to custom report type.
50 Download a Vicinity Map as SDF or SHP format for import into AutoCAD.
50 Upgrade to Ultimate user for 2 hours. (Professional, Standard and Free users)
25 Upgrade to Professional user for 2 hours. (Standard and Free users)
10 Upgrade to Standard user for 2 hours. (Free users)

User Credits Balance

User credits are added each month for monthly subscribers, or in bulk for yearly subscribers, according to their subscription level or company plan. For example, a monthly individual Professional subscription provides an additional 100 User Credits each month.

Company plan users are provided a pool of user credits based on their plan price. Company account administrators can assign these to individual users, or leave them as a shared resource for all company users to draw from.

Once user credits have been exhausted, subscribers with an active Credit Card Profile can use tools in excess of their balance and pay on demand for additional advanced tools. In that scenario, 1 user credit is equivalent to $1.

Users also have the option of earning and saving credits by contributing useful data to landproDATA via public News posts.

Earning User Credits

Many important documents are not available to us through public agencies. These may include Construction Drawings, Elevation Certificates, or Preliminary Plat vector files. As such, we value user-supplied data and documents that pertain to the land development process.

In return for contributing data to our system for the benefit of all subscribers, users can earn and store additional credits to expend on advanced tools as needed. Credits can be earned through the following activities.

1Post a Private News item for selected landproDATA users
1Send a private message to another landproDATA user
1Post any public News item without an attached document
2Post any land-related document as a public News item
10Post a Preliminary Plat, Final Plat, Construction Drawings, or Elevation Certificate as a public News item
50Register your username on landproDATA
50Submit a testimonial about landproDATA
50Email Us an AutoCAD drawing of your Preliminary Plat for inclusion in our Pre-Parcels layer

Maximum User Credits

User credits are issued for use during the associated subscription period, and can accumulate up to a maximum for a given subscription as described below. If a subscription expires, any stored user credits in excess of the Free Level revert to the maximum allowed for the Free User level.

LevelMaximum Credits
Yearly Plan
Year Price
Monthly Plan
12 x (Monthly Price)


Here are a few examples to illustrate monthly credits allocation, deficit billing for on-demand tools, and earning user credits.

Example 1 - Initial Monthly Balance

  • Alice is allocated 100 User Credits as an initial monthly balance.
  • During that month, Alice spends 65 User Credits on advanced map processes. She now has 35 credits.
  • A new month begins, and another 100 credits are added to Alice's account for a total of 135 credits.

Example 2 - Billed as Deficit

  • Alice has 5 User Credits available, but wants to generate a comprehensive Parcel PDF report with sections totaling 15 user credits.
  • She does not have enough user credits to generate the PDF, so she purchases the PDF report for the remaning $10 on her credit card.

Example 3 - Company Plan

  • Alice purchases an annual company plan for $3,500.
  • Alice is allocated all 3,500 user credits at the beginning of the year subscription. She can re-distribute these among her company users using her company account administrator portal at any time.
  • Individual users can further add to their own available credits by posting relevant News items to landproDATA