Referral Program

We are grateful when you recommend landproDATA to others. It communicates that we are meeting our commitment to deliver reliable, comprehensive data services.

To communicate our appreciation back to you, our referral program seeks to reward you for helping us grow.

We offer 5% cash incentive to any active subscriber who refers a new user. You will receive 5% in cash for every transaction your referral makes as long as you are an active subscriber.


A new user should list you as their Referring User during their username registration.

To receive referral credits, your subscription must be current and active during each of your referral's transactions. If your subscription is expired, no referral is allotted.

Whenever an eligible referral purchase occurs, 5% of the total price is added to your user profile. You can review your referrals and credits from your My Account page at any time.

Every quarter, we mail out checks for the total Referral Credits each user has earned during the previous three months. (One Referral Credit = One Dollar)


If your referral purchases a monthly subscription at $100/month, you receive 5 credits each month, with $15 paid out every three months.

If your referral purchases for a one-year subscription at $1100, you receive $55.

If your referral purchases a new company account, you receive 5% of their company plan price.

If your referral is a member of your own company under the same company plan, you receive no Referral Credits because company discounts already provide greater savings for adding users.