Real Data for Land
Development Professionals

"landproDATA is an indispensable tool if you are a land development specialist in the Treasure Valley. I rely on landproDATA for quick access to relevant information to assist with concept planning, feasibility, and preliminary engineering analyses on at least a weekly, if not daily basis."

Matthew Schultz, Schultz Development LLC

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Referral Program for landproDATA

It is a high compliment when you recommend landproDATA, because it shows you value our commitment to deliver our services. As a token of appreciation, our referral program aims to reward your efforts in helping us grow, which improves our services for all users.

How it works:

We offer cash reward to any current and active landproDATA subscribers who refer a new user, as follows:

Subscription Purchase:

If your referral purchases a landproDATA subscription, you also receive 5% of any purchases they make within the first year. For example:

  • If your referral signs up for a year subscription at $1100, you receive $55.
  • If your referral pays monthly at $100/month, you are credited $5 each month.
  • Note that if you refer members of your own company, no Referral Credits are allotted because company packages provide greater savings for adding users.


  • One Referral Credit = One Dollar.
  • Each quarter, we will send you a check for the total number of Referral Credits you earned in the previous three months.
  • To receive Referral Credits, you must be listed as the Referrer during a new user's registration. Your own landproDATA subscription must be current and active during each referral transaction to receive credits. If your subscription is expired during a referral transaction, no credits are allotted.
  • Whenever an eligible referral transaction occurs, Referral Credits are added to your active landproDATA user account, along with an email notification that you received credits.
  • You can review your referrals and credits under the Manage Account page at any time.

    We appreciate the referrals that our users have already provided, and we hope you continue to recommend landproDATA!

    Sales Program

    If you are interested in actively selling landproDATA, a generous commission program is available. Please contact us for details.

    For any questions, please email or call 208-939-1956.