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landproDATA is a huge help for our commercial real estate brokers, property managers, and our support staff. We are always impressed with landproDATA's excellent customer service; they always get back to us in a timely manner to answer questions.

Angie Emmons, Thornton Oliver Keller Commercial Real Estate, LLC

Thank you landproDATA! I have saved hours... yes hours by using your software. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Your customer support has been priceless. You have listened to my needs and accommodated every one. landproDATA is a must in the real estate industry. Keep up the great work!

Kara Fulcher, Mark Bottles Real Estate Services, L.L.C.

I had a listing that was difficult to sell. Finally received some strong interest while I was on vacation over a weekend late at night, but they needed proof that permits were pulled several years ago when the home had an addition, in order to write the offer. My listing was competing against another home they really liked, and they were leaning toward the other home. Time was of the essence. landproDATA's website was a godsend - was able to find not only proof that permits were pulled via the city records shown on the website, but landproDATA even had copies of the actual paperwork filed that I sent as attachments to the buyer's agent within a few minutes. We went under contract immediately. landproDATA saved this deal.

Holly Thomas-Mowery, Epic Realty

landproDATA has been a great help to our business in finding property information that is compiled all together. I am able to get accurate information quickly all in one place and print a report. This is a great time saver for our company and well worth the investment.

Deborah Pogue, Lee & Associates Idaho, LLC

landproDATA is a great tool for Surveyors who want a one-stop research tool for most of the information needed to estimate a project. This product pays for itself in minimizing our project research effort many times over.

Patrick Scheffler, Idaho Survey Group, LLC

As a land agent, it is critical to have cutting edge land technology! The tools and overlay options that landproDATA provides have been very beneficial to my business. Clients have been amazed with the data I'm able to collect on a parcel during the feasibility period. The staff have been amazing at answering any question I have!

Hannah Ball, Superior Realty L.L.C.

landproDATA is an indispensable tool if you are a land development specialist in the Treasure Valley. I rely on landproDATA for quick access to relevant information to assist with concept planning, feasibility, and preliminary engineering analyses on at least a weekly, if not daily basis.

Matthew Schultz, Schultz Development LLC

To all of my fellow professionals out there, landproDATA will help your business in saving time and cost. I have used this service for several years now and have at my disposal the means to give more accurate proposals, perform research for boundary surveys, and prepare elevation certificates by using one program.

Richard Gray, Compass Land Surveying, PLLC

I am very satisfied with the value I receive from landproDATA. I’ve been in the business a long time, so it’s nice to see a program come along that makes my job easier.

Curtis Ellis, Silvercreek Commercial & Investments LLC