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These are the most recent Preliminary Plat and Final Plat applications coming through our database. Note that some agencies are delayed in reporting new submittals.

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2020-01-22BoiseProminence Subdivision No. 1
2020-01-22MeridianTimberline Sub Phase 2 - FP
2020-01-21MeridianVictory Commons - AZ, PP, RZ
2020-01-15MeridianThe Landing Subdivison No 13 - AZ, PP
2020-01-10MeridianJump Creek No. 5 - FP
2020-01-10NampaMesa Ridge Estates Subdivision
2020-01-09BoiseSunnyridge Subdivision No. 4
2020-01-08MeridianMovado #7 - FP
2020-01-08MeridianSilver Springs - FP
2020-01-07Ada CountyRoyal Heritage Farm Subdivision
2020-01-06NampaLost River Townhomes Subdivision No. 1
2019-12-31EagleSnoqualmie Falls Subdivision No. 15
2019-12-31Canyon CountySummerset Estates Subdivision
2019-12-30EagleLakemoor Subdivision No. 10
2019-12-30BoiseJefferson Condominiums
2019-12-30BoiseArmory Avenue Subdivision
2019-12-28BoiseSouthpoint Cottages
2019-12-26CaldwellShadow Glen Subdivision
2019-12-24MeridianVictory Commons Subdivision - PP
2019-12-23NampaAberdeen Springs Subdivision
2019-12-20EagleRene Place Subdivision
2019-12-20CaldwellAdam's Ridge Subdivision No. 3
2019-12-20BoiseMooseland Estates Subdivision
2019-12-19NampaSouthern Ridge Subdivision No. 8
2019-12-19CaldwellWindsor Creek East Subdivision No. 5

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